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Who Are We?

Torus PR is a team of expert content marketers, copywriters, journalists, and distributors with decades of experience in the tech PR and blockchain PR spaces.

With our experience and industry contacts, we ensure your project gets maximum exposure in high-tier publications and the wider tech and blockchain press.

Top-Tier Press And Media Outreach

The Torus PR team will leverage its industry and press
connections to get your project seen in top-tier publications, like Forbes and Bloomberg, and across the tech and blockchain media.

Content Creation and Strategy

Content is king for many good reasons. We can produce content that ignites your community, excites your audience, and illuminates your project.

Distribution and Awareness

Our expert, dedicated distribution team will ensure wider circulation than other tech PR and blockchain PR agencies.

Crisis Management

Things can go wrong. If they do, our expert team will be
there to ensure any potential damage is mitigated and your project comes out on top.

Who We’ve Worked With

What they say about us

Torus was instrumental in the success of Polymath’s launch, during which the team provided a complete range of PR and marketing services and never failed to deliver on their promises.

- Graeme Moore
VP of Marketing, Polymath

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